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Here are a few references from my customers. If you would like to
make contact with them email me and I will put you in touch with
"Rob Carter is a knowledgable, talented and friendly
watchmaker who proved to me his capability after he repaired,
serviced, and assembled four of my pocket watches. The work
was done correctly the first time for a very reasonable price,
and I'm 100% satisfied with the results. I highly recommend
Rob, and I will be sending my watches to him for servicing in
the future." - Mark Reynolds, Groves, TX

"Without Rob Carters expertise in the field of American
Railway Watches I would not be a collector of such. Rob is
always most helpful and free with his advice, all the watches
I have collected have been through his hands for checking
servicing and cleaning, he has also repaired some of my
European collection the last of which was a very old
‘International Watch Company’ pocket watch. Rob Carters
advice is always sought before I make a purchase or bid on
another watch for my collection, and I have no hesitation
whatsoever in recommending him."
Signed J T lace Cyprus

"If you are looking for or if you already have an older
mechanical pocket watch that needs repair, contact Rob
Carter. He willingly shares his knowledge, and the quality of
his work is exceptional. I wouldn't recommend anyone
else."-Kathy Wallis NM.